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Let's Grow, Evolve and Discover the Magnificence of Being Human - Together.


Answering the questions:

Why did my soul choose to be here? Why now? What is my purpose? Why do I suffer and struggle? 

What is this evolution we are going through? and How do I navigate these strange times?

After decades of being obsessed with spirit and the cosmos I finally know the magnificence of being human. 


Bridging the Gap between Knowing oneself as a Spiritual Being and living the human experience.

Many people today are aware of their higher consciousness, their soul aspects. We talk the talk, spread the love, and understand ourselves as divine beings, creators of our lives.

Unfortunately knowing and living are not the same. There is a gap between knowing ourselves as divine beings and living human lives.

I am here to bridge that gap.


There is an evolution going on, a Great Awakening of Humanity. Our Soul's are asking us to expand our consciousness and embrace more of our soul energy here on earth. There is an abundance of opportunity to express our soul selves in human form unlike any other 'known' time in history. You are exactly in the right place, it is exactly the right time and everything you need is available for you. You are not alone in this great awakening, we are all in this together, each doing our own part contributing to the whole. 


Certified Life Coach, Energy Healer, Psychic, and Spiritual Teacher in Mission, BC

Akashic Records, Energy, Chakra, Reiki Healing, Money Mindset, Relationship, Entrepreneur Coaching, Women Empowerment, and more

Serving across Mission, Langley, Richmond, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Nanaimo, Parksville, Victoria, Whistler, and the surrounding areas.

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  • Having a Spiritual Awakening?
  • Feeling stuck, unfocused, confused?
  • Want to move forward?
  • Want help?

The Akashic Records hold great wisdom waiting to be revealed. Working with the Masters of the Akashic the past can be healed, soul wisdom unlocked, and alignment to Soul Blueprint can be made. Through this soul wisdom we can raise our vibration, open our consciousness, and empower our manifesting abilities. We are Divine Creators in Human form, let's embrace our divinity. 


Featured Services:

Soul Realignment (tm) - This reading is the best service to start with, it is usually done only once and accomplishes the most healing at the root of issues that have often been carried from lifetime after lifetime into this lifetime. Get a profile reading of your Soul; discover where your soul originated, what talents and gifts you have, what strengths and challenges your soul is working with, what does your soul do between lives and how does all this affect your human experience. Discover negative influences, beliefs, illusions and agreements that are no longer serving your soul's evolution and release them. Remove karma from past lives that are negatively affecting you in this life. Reveal and heal negative influences such as beliefs, illusions, programs, contracts, chords, curses, agreements, vows, archetype miss-alignments, soul fragment issues, entity attachments, possession, portals, vortexes and more. Before we meet I put on my investigator's hat, join forces with the Akashic Masters and dive into your specific soul record to reveal and heal. Then we will get together for an hour where I will report what was revealed and help you process the information. Afterwards you will be given homework to do for 21 days to complete the healing.  Once the 21 days are completed we will meet for a brief follow-up with a focus of moving forward.  



Soul Matrix Readings - Discover how your soul energy is meant to be expressed in this life and where your current actions, emotions and thoughts are not aligning with your soul's blueprint. The focus of this reading is to discover where your current life choices are causing struggle and frustrations in your life;  alignment of actions - emotions - thoughts - soul. Underlying causes for miss-alignments are based on our human awareness and choices, this reading will reveal and heal negative influences when appropriate such as beliefs, illusions, programs, contracts, chords, curses, agreements, vows, archetype miss-alignments, soul fragment issues, entity attachments, possession, portals, vortexes and more. 



Psychic Readings - Discover what Spirit wants you to know right now, get guidance, insight and wisdom from lightworkers in spirit; guides, angels, archangels, masters, goddesses, loved ones, teachers and masters are all possible participants; each reading is unique, and specific to you.



Spirit Guide Readings - Meet your Spirit Guide Team! Super fun and always unusual. Each of us has an inner spirit guide team of unique characters.  These guides are intimately invested in your live experience, their own evolution is linked with serving you. The first guide on your inner team agreed to walk this life with you from start to finish, they have been here for it all! During our childhood and into young adulthood we hire the remainder of our team, each one having a 'specialty' that helps us with repeating life challenges or lessons. Sometimes we complete lessons or overcome challenges and the specialty of the guide is no longer aligned to us but they are still on our team. These are considered negative guides and their influence on our team and the guidance they give can seem wrong or irrelevant, this can lead us to close off communication with the whole team. If someone has a very challenging life they can often end up with a large team of guides which can also be confusing, too much information and cause us to close off communication. These are things I check into when we do a Spirit Guide Reading. Previous to the reading I check into your team and establish that each member is aligned in service to your highest good for this life and make adjustments as necessary, this is done with the Akashic Record Guides and the Masters of Timelines. During our session I will re-introduce you to each member of your team; you will connect with their personalities, communication style, sensory preference and what they want to tell you.  You will be guided as to how to work with your guides and build your connection. 



Akashic Relationship Readings - Have you ever wondered if you and your partner were soul mates? Twin Flames? Family in a past life? Before we incarnate into this life we decide with our soul family what 'roles' we will play in each other's lives and how we will serve each other.  Our soul families have been with us for a very long time and we have all played many different 'roles' for each other in previous lifetimes. Just as our personal experiences have generated negative karma and negative influences so have our relationships - after all they have an Akashic Record of their own. This reading will look into the compatibility of each soul and provide insight into how best to work with each other's talents and challenges as well I will look into the shared history between you and what influences are negatively affecting the relationship in this lifetime. Reveal and heal is always my motto and this reading is no different; working with the Akashic Record Guides the traumas and negative influences will be healed leaving you free to build the relationship you want to be having or move along with closure. 



Soul Clarity Coaching session - All of us need a hand once in a while. No matter how much healing, spiritual development, personal development and 'work' we have done on ourselves there will always be times we need a little help. None of us incarnated on this planet alone, we are a collective all having human experiences together. We may each be on our own path but we are also a great resource for each other. I am here to help. There are times when we are too close to an issue to get clarity, or need insight from someone else's experience - call me. Sometimes we need Reiki sent to help - call me.  Sometimes we need guidance and accountability to help us stay on track towards our goals - call me. Sometimes we just need help making sense out of life - call me.  I am a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Sacred Money Archetype coach and Add Heart Facilitator all of which give me amazing tools to draw on to help coach you through whatever life experience is challenging you or to help you focus and achieve your goals.  All services are in collaboration with my Spirit Team. 





Hi everyone! I invite you to connect with me. I am an energy light-worker who loves, loves, loves the marriage of Science & Spirituality!

I focus on teaching people to embrace their inner power for guidance, strength, resilience, love and joy. My passion is helping people understand how they create their life circumstances and make choices towards their true desires and life purpose.


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​Jennifer’s Intuitive Reading was exceptional!

She was able to quickly and accurately zone in on areas of my life that require transformation and adjustment. It is rare to come across someone who has the talents, knowledge, and abilities that Jennifer possesses. I would encourage anyone that is seeking... Read More

She was able to quickly and accurately zone in on areas of my life that require transformation and adjustment. It is rare to come across someone who has the talents, knowledge, and abilities that Jennifer possesses. I would encourage anyone that is seeking clarification and answers in their life to contact Jennifer. Read Less

Mary Ann