Akashic Relationship Readings

Akashic Relationship Reading

Discover Soul Connections and Heal Relationship Karma with the help of our Certified Advanced Life Coach serving Vancouver

Do you want to know if your partner is your soul mate or if you have a shared past life? Before we incarnate, we make agreements with our soul family about the roles we will play in each other's lives and how we can serve each other as Akashic relationship readings disclose. Our certified life coach reveals that relationships hold an Akashic Record of their own that Akashic relationship readings show, and they generate negative karma and negative influences, just like our personal experiences. Akashic relationship readings help you in understanding your relationship's deeper spiritual facets will help you overcome obstacles and lay the groundwork for love, harmony, and growth.

Akashic Relationship Readings

Our certified life coach analyzes the Akashic relationship readings and looks into the common history you have with your relationship, and goes beyond a cursory study. With Akashic relationship readings, we can shed light on unsolved issues or unfinished business that might be affecting your current relationship dynamics by revealing past-life connections and experiences. Akashic relationship readings help your relationship to benefit from a new level of knowledge and healing when you understand the lessons and karmic imprints from earlier lifetimes. Akashic relationship readings enable development, forgiveness, and transformation.

These Akashic relationship readings provide insight into each soul's compatibility and how best to work with each other's talents and challenges as revealed by our certified life coach. Additionally, our certified life coach examines your Akashic relationship readings to know about your shared history and identify any negative influences that may be affecting your relationship in this lifetime. Akashic relationship readings reveal impacts that may be the result of old traumas, constricting beliefs, or unresolved feelings from earlier encounters. Our certified life coach will work together to release and repair the energetic imprints by bringing these aspects to light, paving the way for more love, harmony, and connection in your relationship with your Akashic relationship readings.


Required information:

  • Full Name of each perso
  • Type of relationship
  • Date of Relationship
  • (wedding, dating anniversary, business agreement, birth date)

Relationship Readings can be done for spouses, girlfriend/ boyfriend, parent/ child, business partners, friends, employer/ employee, or any relationship you wish.

I believe in revealing and healing, and this reading is no different. You have the chance to change your relationship into a source of intense connection, love, and spiritual development with the help of the guidance and healing provided by Akashic Relationship Readings and our certified life coach. By working with the Akashic relationship readings, our certified life coach will help heal the traumas and negative influences, leaving you free to build a healthier and happier relationship or move on with closure. Incorporate the knowledge of the Akashic relationship readings into your life as you set out on a path of self-discovery and healing that is framed by your relationship.

Schedule an Akashic Relationship Reading session with a Certified Advanced Life Coach and embark on a transformative journey to unveil soul connections. Take the first step towards building healthier and happier relationships.

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Mary Ann

Jennifer’s Intuitive Reading was exceptional! She was able to quickly and accurately zone in on areas of my life that require transformation and adjustment. It is rare to come across someone who has the talents, knowledge and abilities that Jennifer possesses. I would encourage anyone that is seeking clarification and answers in their life to contact Jennifer.