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    "Jennifer Quick is nothing short of a miracle worker. Her process of Akashic Soul Design Reading helped me to let go of what was holding me back and I saw immediate results. In my business, my sales tripled, plus I was able to get complete clarity on the next phase of my business. In my personal life, I was able to let go of relationships that were no longer serving me and finally make a commitment to my health. Thank you so much Jennifer for your gifts and talents! "

    Karen McGregor

    Speaker Success

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    I met Jennifer at a networking event and we got to chatting. I told her I was very worried about an event I had coming up next month and tickets were just not selling.  She offered to help by doing a Business Reading - I had no idea what that was and didn't follow-up until 1 week before my event. Tickets were only 40% sold! I was desperate, I had tried everything and then I saw Jennifer's card on my dresser. I called with very little expectation, but like I said, I was desperate. She told me the craziest things! Go have an epson salt bath, talk about your worries and re-connect with your spouse, water your plants and spend as much time as possible relaxing with your spouse and dog, lots of long walks on the beach. I thought she was crazy but I had nothing to lose at this point so I did what she said.  Imagine my shock when friday came and the event was completely sold out - I was turning people away due to facility capacity limits! AND SALES from the event were 4X MORE than the best expectations! I really don't understand what she does but WOW did it ever work for me!! LOL

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    The night after Jennifer did my Soul Realignment (tm) a mortgage deal I had been working on for 7 or 8 months suddenly cleared. I received a phone call all subjects removed, deal complete. 

  • Empowerment Coaching Mission

    Jennifer is a gifted Akashic Record reader, interpreter and life coach. As a widow and retiree, I had been searching for a way to give me direction and meaning in this stage of my life. I wanted to confirm that I was on the path of my life purpose and that I was taking the steps I needed to achieve a sense of confidence that my actions were taking me closer to what I came here to do. I felt stuck and unsure of what was needed to have a true sense of divine connection and flow in how I am to be in service in a way that will bring me a deeper sense of fulfillment.

    We all come into this world with unique gifts and talents. Jennifer was able to clearly detail what energy centers were my strongest and suggestions how to put these strengths into play in reaching my goals. She showed me how I was using energy without benefit and what was taking me off track. During this first in depth reading she was able identify  my negative programming and was able to remove these from my energy field. She also gave me clear direction on my needs and energy style and what I most need to focus on to keep me on track.

    I was delighted to learn about my spirit guide team; when and how these guides are helping me. Jennifer gave me tips on how to communicate with these guides when making decisions or needing help in manifesting my desires.

    In ongoing coaching sessions , Jennifer was able to read my energy centres to see if they were in alignment and balanced, leading to a good energy flow and good health. If energy centres are over working or under supported they can take away from our energy flow and sense of wellbeing. She was able to give me clarity on whether the actions I was taking were in alignment with my soul blueprint. One of the greatest gifts from these sessions was her ability to confirm my manifesting design and the actions that support me in creating a life I want with ease and joy.

    I have been delighted from the results of working with Jennifer Quick over the last few months. I have a clear sense of what I am here to do and how to do this with ease and joy. Jennifer is a  loving, gifted coach, who has a wide variety of tools to help you get clear on what you want to create in your life and how to best manifest that based on your soul blueprint.


    Donna Antonishak

    Energy Healer and Motivational Healer, Vernon, BC.

  • Empowerment Coaching Mission

    Jennifer’s Intuitive Reading was exceptional!

    She was able to quickly and accurately zone in on areas of my life that require transformation and adjustment. It is rare to come across someone who has the talents, knowledge and abilities that Jennifer possesses. I would encourage anyone that is seeking clarification and answers in their life to contact Jennifer.


    Mary Ann

Event Testimonials

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    That was so awesome! 

    Karry Tropeano
  • Empowerment Coaching Mission

    That was so awesome! That was so awesome!

    I have been a healer for a long time and own a holistic spa with lots of practitioners, and every time I take one of Jennifer's workshops I am blown away! The clarity and depth always amazes me and gets me digging deeper into my own journey.

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    I liked the hand movements across body to get back to being present 

    Daphne Marina
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    Thanks so much!! I really loved the idea of moving into my heart when connecting with my kids and letting that be a way I can impact them

    Beth Jordahl
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    Thank you was so good really good so valuable takeaway to put in action.

    I like the part about breathing in your heart and sending the energy to your kids .I'm constantly worrying about my son at school and focusing on my business

    Nimmi Kumar
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    Thank you again Jennifer! My biggest takeaway was opening up our heart to receive the messages and that our heart has more information than our brain!

    Stephanie Jones

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