Disclaimer for ​Cacao Compassion Ceremony

​​Learning to open our hearts is the most important thing we can do as human beings. This allows us to open wide to our true potential, be vulnerable, and embrace our authentic selves.


As with any spiritual practice, a deep meditative journey with the additional power of this soft and wonderful plant medicine, ceremonial cacao, has the potential to take you deep within your inner landscape. Our highest intention is to create the safest space possible for you to be held and fully supported during your time with us. To help us to create this safe capsule for you, please take a moment to read, digest and adhere to the following guidance and disclaimer.

  • You should avoid ingesting ceremonial cacao if you are currently taking anti-depressant medication or have an existing or ongoing heart condition*.
  • If you are taking any form of medication or have an ongoing health concern, you should consult your doctor before ingesting ceremonial cacao*
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding or are sensitive to caffeine and stimulants you should either choose to avoid ingesting or take a lower dose. (Please let us know if you would like a lower dose cup of Kakao made for you for an in-person ceremony)*
  • It is very important to hydrate yourself adequately with plenty of fresh water in the time leading up to a ceremony or ingesting Cacao. Please ensure you have plenty of water to hand throughout your ceremony be it online or in person (for example, it is advised to bring a large, non plastic water bottle with you to an in-person ceremony) You will also need to drink lots of water in the days following your ceremony.
  • It is not advisable to eat a large meal in the two hours leading up to a ceremony. Avoiding cow dairy intake and caffeine on the day is also highly recommended to make a good physical environment in your body for the cacao to arrive in. It is a good idea to nibble on a light snack after your ceremony to ground your energy.
  • If you are allergic to chocolate, hemp milk or Agave than you will also be allergic to the Cacao served at this event. We are not responsible for allergic reactions or experiences, this is not a hallucinogen or mind-altering substance.

*There is no direct link of concern to our knowledge but due to the vast amount of medications and treatments it is always advisable to consult your medical advisor before any changes in diet and/or alternative healing work.

DISCLAIMER - By participating in Soul Clarity Cacao Ceremonies, including ingesting ceremonial cacao under our guidance, you assume all responsibility of any risk of injury or damage resulting from your participation. In booking your space via online, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the above information.

The word cacao comes from the Maya word Ka’kau, and the Maya word Chokola’j
— which means to drink chocolate together.

The cacao plant is a medicinal plant used for thousands of years for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

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The more we connect to love and awareness in ourselves, the more we can make more loving and conscious choices for the greater good. ​

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Note: Please ensure you are well hydrated before, during & post cacao consumption. Cacao is a diuretic, meaning if you were dehydrated before consumption, headache may be experienced. We also recommend that you do not consume caffeine, alcohol, or heavy/fatty foods for a few hours before you work with Cacao.

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