Soul Evolution 2020

Spiritual Teacher in Mission, BC

Do you watch the news, see the chaos in our society, and wonder what is going on?

Do you pray and hope about the future while filled with worry?

Do you worry what kind of world your kids will live in?

Do you worry about your future?

Right now the world appears to be in chaos. There are fires destroying countries, political upheaval, social extremities and sensitivities, panic over virus pandemic, and terrorism looming behind it all. We have environmental crisis, food crisis, climate change crisis and social crisis. Our education system is breaking down, jobs are scarce and yet businesses can’t get and keep quality employees.

  • Everywhere you look in our society, there are problems and crises unfolding before our eyes.
  • What if I was to tell you that this chaos is a good thing?
  • What if I was to tell you that we are creating a new global community built on compassion?
  • What if I told you I am excited, passionate and liberated by what I am seeing?
  • Would that trigger you?
  • Would you think I was crazy?
  • Or heartless?
  • Would you like to know why I feel this way?
Spiritual Awakening Workshops Mission

Making Sense of Spirituality

  • What is Modern Spirituality?
  • What does it mean to me, the Individual?
  • How does 'little me' change the World?

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If you are curious about Spirituality but are unsure what it means or what you are supposed to do than this talk is for you.

Spirituality has been part of the human story for as long as anyone can figure, it is the belief in something greater than ourselves. Spirituality has been the backbone of human existence in the form of various religions in all parts of the world. Today that world is changing at a pace and quantity never experienced before. So what does it mean to be Spiritual today?

Our World is changing unlike ever before in recorded history; technology is opening possibilities and connecting people all around the world, ideas are being shared, new understandings and discoveries are happening so fast it is hard to keep up and the environment is in rapid climate change. With all the changes happening humanity is changing too. Our conscious awareness is growing, our potential is developing and as a collective consciousness we are becoming aware that we are so much more than our physical bodies, capable of more than just survival. We are becoming aware that we are very intimately connected to our environment and each other, we are becoming aware of the energy that flows throughout everything. Actually we are more than aware, it has seeped into our common knowledge. We are aware, we are awoke but we haven't integrated, we are becoming this new awareness, this new consciousness - this process is the modern Spirituality. It is the exploration of our potential, our capabilities and our connectedness with our daily lives.

The fact is we are human; we have a physical body that exists in a physical world and has physical requirements that can't be ignored, but they also don't need to be served in the same way we have always done. We are recognizing that with the global connection comes a responsibility to a larger whole. We are no longer just an individual with family, friends and a community but rather our community is part of a much larger body that makes up an entire planet and the survival, the thriving health of this planet is a personal interest to us all.

Join me for an exploration of Modern Spirituality - what it means in today's world, what is the potential for you personally and how does your individual experience affect the entire planet.

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