Are you tired of trying to create the life you want only to find that no mater how much effort & knowledge from books, courses or philosophy you practice nothing seems to change?

​Are you tired of hearing the evidence of what works for someone else, yet it doesn't work for you?

Let me tell you that your efforts have not been wasted, your knowledge is good. What you know to be true but can't quite grasp is right there in front of you - you can taste it, feel it, know it - it is right there!

Join me to learn the Missing Link that Unlocks your Human Potential to Create Everything you ever Wanted.

The secret lies in your heart and your biology.

Learn how to Unlock the Power within You.

Sacred Heart Activation
  • Harmonize the Body, Heart & Brain
  • Activate Whole Brain Thinking
  • Activate over 1400+ Positive Biochemical Reactions
  • Activate the connection of 5D consciousness with 3D living.
  • Activate your Pineal Gland for increased psychic abilities
  • Activate Super Learning & Super Focus abilities
  • Increase your positive influence abilities
  • Activate the missing link to manifestation
Spiritual Awakening Workshops Mission

6 Hours of Instruction Plus Homework

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
Add Heart Facilitator Mission

Learn the science behind the heart, mind and body connection and what this connection can do for you. Experience the Heart Harmony Meditation that activates the wisdom of the Heart Chakra. Learn heart activation techniques that increase your focus & learning abilities and heighten your natural intuitive and psychic sensitivities.

Add Heart Facilitator Mission

Learn how to hold compassionate space and project a positive influence into your environment. Learn how to access your inner wisdom for answers to your life questions. Explore positive and negative emotions, learn how to identify triggers, release them and chose your emotional state.

Add Heart Facilitator Mission

Exploring Manifestation! Learn why thinking and being positive are not enough to manifest your desires. Learn the three principals of manifestation and experience the Manifestation Empowerment Meditation.

Empowerment Coaching Mission

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