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Soul Clarity Knowledge Center

Bridging the gap between knowing oneself as a Divine Soul and living a Human experience.

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It's an Akashic Party!

Host your very own Akashic Party for you and your friends. 

Each person will get an individual reading and healing, plus a group meditation and discussion time - I'll answer all your spiritual & Akashic Questions! 

  • Discover your soul gifts & talents
  • Heal past life karma
  • Unlock divine guidance
  • Get all your Akashic and Spiritual questions answered.

Inquire by email for more information & custom pricing.

Cacao Compassion Ceremony

Host a Ceremony for you and your friends!

I am thrilled to introduce the Spirit Energy of the Divine Feminine through the powerful medicine of the Cacao Plant. Our ceremonies are divinely guided to connect participants with the universal energy of the Divine Feminine within themselves. Both men and women are invited to explore their intuitive, wild, nurturing, and artistic side through this unique opportunity.

The Divine Feminine is the equal counterpart to the Divine Masculine and runs through everyone and everything. It's time to connect and unleash her energy, both individually and as a world community. The feminine is chaotic, non-logical, emotional, intuitive, creative, nurturing, and uniting. When the Divine Masculine is out of balance with the feminine, it perpetually runs on a non-stop treadmill of production without the intuitive knowing of why. Isn't that exhausting? The result is an exploitation of natural resources that leaves individuals and communities hollow and devoid of essence.

Host a ceremony today, embracing the Divine Feminine and restoring balance to our world.

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Sacred Money Archetype®

Are you ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks and start fresh on a path of creating freedom, independence and a healthy relationship with money?

The way you do money is the way you do everything! - Kendal Summerhawk. 

Discover what your Sacred Money Archetype - free assessment and beautiful pdf all about your specific archetype. 

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