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Energy Healer, Intuitive Consultant, and Spiritual Teacher in Mission, BC

Jennifer Quick

​​Hi everyone! I invite you to connect with me. I am an energy light-worker who loves, loves, loves the marriage of Science & Spirituality! I focus on teaching people to embrace their inner power for guidance, strength, resilience, love and joy. My passion is helping people understand how they create their life circumstances and make choices towards their true desires and life purpose.

As a natural born skeptic I don’t believe anything until I understand the logic and have applied the actions repeatedly to prove the truth. It is easy to have great faith when you know great truths. As a student in youth I hated science but as I embraced my spiritual journey I quickly fell in love with the sciences of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Biology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Cosmology and the list keeps growing - it is a very exciting era of science we are living in! The more I learn about the science of life the more I understand my spirituality and who I really am.

​​Jennifer Quick helps people to reveal their true self - soul self - and identify the negative choices that are holding them back from achieving their true greatness.

"Shine Bright!"

The secret to life is Showing Up!

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Email: soulclarity@jenniferquick.com
Phone: (604) 557-3329
Website: www.soulclarity.ca

Jennifer is available for Speaking Events, Webinars, Collaborations, and Podcasts.


  • Compassion & HeartMath
  • Akashic Records & Soul Healing
  • Evolution of Relationships
  • Money & Manifesting
Intuitive Consultant Mission

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Energy Healer, Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Teacher. Jennifer has been professionally treating clients since 2010 through her business “Shining Spirit Wellness”. Trained as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner, a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher & Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, she is an Advanced Soul Realignment(tm) Practitioner with over a dozen different training specialties in the Akashic Records including Soul Realignment(tm) Business practitioner and Manifesting Blueprint Practitioner. In addition she is trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Mindfulness Trainer, Timeline Therapy (R) practitioner, Hypnotist Therapy, Certified Advanced Life Coach, Sacred Money Archetype Coach and Add Heart Facilitator.

Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher at the International Reiki Association.

  • Talks & Workshops
  • Signature Talk: Soul Evolution
  • Signature Talk: No more Struggle - Life with Joy & Confidence!

Spiritual Sense - Why are we here? Why is now so important? What can I do to make a better future?

Abundance by Your Soul Design - We each have a soul design, each is unique.

Self Healing with Reiki - What is Reiki, how does it heal, what makes a great practitioner, what is a life with Reiki?

We are the Creators - The Real Reason Affirmations Aren't Working for You.

The Chakra System - not just for yoga! Learn just how deep these energy centers affect your daily life and tap into their power to create Life Balance.

We are in exciting times! The way we do human is changing, and the evidence is all around us. Learn why and what is the evolution we are going through and what we are being asked to do. Jennifer is a lifelong student of all things spiritual, with a keen interest towards modern science. This presentation will leave you excited about the future, inspired by the moment, and enriched with the knowledge of what you need to be doing right now!

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Learn 3 tools to help you live in the moments of your life.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Too tired to enjoy your family? See an endless to-do list? 

Learn the tools that you have right now that you can use to bring organization, balance, and freedom to your life. Life was never meant to be a struggle, we are created to have an abundance of energy flowing through us and yet most of us are so exhausted by the day that we have nothing left for family, friends & fun. Stop it! Just stop right now! Start Showing UP in your life, take control and start living life on your terms, by your design.

5 Minutes to a Compassionate Life

  • Discover how judgement is holding you back from your achievements
  • Receive the messages from Anxiety & Depression
  • Charge your immune system & activate regeneration abilities
  • Release negative emotions that have been holding you hostage
  • Learn how to embrace your higher consciousness in human form
  • Move from struggle to thriving
  • Develop emotional connection and supportive relationships
Certified Life Coach Mission

Jennifer Quick is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Teacher. Her work is focused on helping people align their energy matrix to their Soul Design. Through aligning our energy matrix, we open our consciousness from a 3rd Dimensional perspective to a 5th Dimensional awareness. Through 5D awareness we are able to view our struggles, pains, and sufferings as messages of guidance towards creating our deepest desires. Life is meant to be joyful, inspirational, and passionate ; it is through aligning to our Soul Design that we embrace our true potential.

Life by Soul Design is about helping people live more fulfilling, desirable lives as their true selves. We are all unique expressions of the Divine Creator and are gifted with free will but few of us understand what this mean. No other time in recorded human history has society been capable of supporting the true expression of each individual. Historically we have been focused on the three keys to survival - food, safety, reproduction. Now, especially in the first world economies, our neighborhoods are safe from violence, food is plentiful and we don't require children for old age care. We have the opportunities to express our divinity how we wish.

The human awareness has opened itself to multiple dimensional aspects of ourselves, we can now access our soul information. We can read and understand the blueprint that we have been created from, heal the blocks in our energy force that have been made in the past through negative choices, and we can access the energy vibrations of our current choices. Through this awareness we are now capable of consciously creating our lives. This is the Awakening of Humanity - the ability to consciously create in alignment to our Soul Design.

As creator of Life by Soul Design it is my deepest desire to help humanity awaken. We need to re-design how our society functions; we need to re-design our views, treatment and care of ourselves, each other and the earth. We are on the threshold of a new era in humanity, we can hold on to our hurt and judgement creating more war and suffering or we can embrace our true selves to create Heaven here on Earth. It starts with the individual looking within to heal, to shine light on our deepest hurts, to love ourselves and express our individual Divinity. It is the individual expressing their unique divinity that will lead the pathway to peace and love for all of Earth's inhabitants.


Known as the Healer to the Healers, Jennifer has a wide variety of modalities & experience to draw on to help her clients align their Soul with their mental, emotional and physical experiences. She has honed her craft working alongside a Chinese Medicine & Psychiatric Nurse in a clinical spa and B&B retreat, giving her a perspective, experience, and professionalism rarely seen in the Alternative Healing Industry. Jennifer's passion is to help people from all walks of life find their purpose, embrace their passions, and live a joyful life aligned to their Soul Design. Her services range from Reiki healing, Akashic Readings, relationships & life skill training to entrepreneur coaching; specializing in Akashic Records & Matrix Readings combined with Life Coaching. Available as private 1:1 sessions, group sessions, and training programs. Jennifer's primary message is: "We are living during a Soul Evolution of Humanity and the opportunities are abundant, there is no better time than now to Live Life By Your Soul Design.

Serving across Mission, Langley, Richmond, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Nanaimo, Parksville, Victoria, Whistler, and the surrounding areas.