• Soul Clarity Coaching

I met Jennifer at a networking event and we got to chatting. I told her I was very worried about an event I had coming up next month and tickets were just not selling.  She offered to help by doing a Business Reading - I had no idea what that was and didn't follow-up until 1 week before my event. Tickets were only 40% sold! I was desperate, I had tried everything and then I saw Jennifer's card on my dresser. I called with very little expectation, but like I said, I was desperate. She told me the craziest things! Go have an epson salt bath, talk about your worries and re-connect with your spouse, water your plants and spend as much time as possible relaxing with your spouse and dog, lots of long walks on the beach. I thought she was crazy but I had nothing to lose at this point so I did what she said.  Imagine my shock when friday came and the event was completely sold out - I was turning people away due to facility capacity limits! AND SALES from the event were 4X MORE than the best expectations! I really don't understand what she does but WOW did it ever work for me!! LOL