7 Laws of Creation

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Once we have achieved fifth density consciousness (5DC) our challenge is to expand ourselves into the sixth (6DC) and seventh (7DC) density consciousness. Much like the third (3DC) and fifth (5DC) density consciousness work together, so do the 6DC and 7DC. At these density levels our ability as Divine Creators is very expanded; the opportunities and resources allow for an abundance of choices of what to create.

Below are a list with explanations of the 7 Laws of Creation held at the 7DC. I recommend you study and reflect on each individually. Once you have an understanding of each individually, try understanding them in relation to each other. As you do this exercise keep reflecting back to the practicalities of your life, make this a personal reflection.

1. Crown: Law of Mentalism - you are what you believe you are. It is not what we think but rather what we believe. What we believe is what we are. Ask ‘What do I think about myself?’

2. Third Eye: Law of Correspondence - what you see is what you are, the reality around you is a mirror of what you believe. Ask “Does the world around me match who I think I am?”

3. Throat: Law of Vibration - The wave of what you attract, the vibration you are expressing, what you say is what you create, the wave of correspondence. Ask, ”Am I in Harmony or Chaos?” Match the energy of what you desire, and it is already yours.

4. Heart: Law of Rhythm - There is a time for everything. The ebb and flow, the high & low, outside & within. The lower your vibration, the slower the Rhythm, the slower the time. The higher your vibration, the faster the rhythm, the faster the time. Finding the Rhythm of outward action and inward processing, allowing to feel the sadness and the joy in their own time. Ask, “Am I balanced? Am I in harmony? Do I respect the timing of my life?”

5. Solar: Law of Cause & Effect - The condition of everything that is happening within yourself, consider why something happens, the re-action to your action. Ask “How did I cause this? What am I causing?”

6. Sacral: Law of Polarity - the positive/negative of magnetic, causing movement. That which fights against us is giving us another perspective of who we are. Ask, “Do I live in polarity as a creation or in separation?”

7. Root: Law of Generation (as in life force) - nothing dies, nothing ends or is destroyed, it is only re-organized into something different. Rebirth, new realities. The dance of polarities, the yin/yang that is creation. Ask, “Am I creating new?”



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