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The term soulmates describe a deeply connected and committed couple that was meant to come together in this life time. There was an agreement made by their souls before they incarnated. Finding your soulmate is often very romanticized and sought after as the ultimate relationship to have. When these two souls meet they are overwhelmed by the draw towards each other, it feels like a spiritual experience, a connection with someone who seems to know and understand the deepest parts of yourself without you really needing to say anything. These relationships feel honest and desirable.

Soulmate relationships are not always romantic, nor are they always long term. Soulmates come together to have a shared experience which is most often seen as a marriage but can also be best friends, sibling, family or short term romances. Souls chose their soulmate relationships based on their previous lifetimes together. All of the characters that come in and out of your life, short and long term, are from your Soul Family. Soul Families are groups of Souls that incarnate repeatedly together playing out different roles and experiences to further advance the growth of each other. Soulmates are chosen from the Soul Family, they have played many, many roles and experiences becoming more and more intimate with each lifetime, until they become the 'lovers'. The lovers relationship is the most intimate for souls as the orgasm these souls share is the closest experience of connection to spirit possible while in human form. This does not mean that all Soulmate relationships are the lovers in this lifetime. As I have said, Soulmates can also be best friends, siblings and family; depending on what the Soul's chosen experiences are for this life.

Twin Flames are often described as two halves of one soul, this isn't exactly correct, they are more like two mirrors of each other, one soul having two experiences, this is different that two halves of one soul as each person has a complete soul. Twin Flames are very intense when they come together; lots of passion and very tumultuous as they trigger each other's deepest shadow parts and push each other to evolve by facing their fears. Not everyone has a Twin Flame, nor are Twin Flames meant to come together in long term relationships. 
Soulmates and Twin Flame meetings are very similar; they feel like they are destined to meet, have a sense that they have known each other forever, a strong magnetic pull towards each other, filled with passion and can be long term relationships. The Soulmate relationship  will be more stable and companionable whereas the Twin Flame relationship will be a constant push/pull, fight and make-up kind of challenge often breaking up and getting back together. Soulmates will be the most interesting person in the world and life is just better when you are together. Twin Flames feel like you are the same person, many similarities in behavior, mannerisms and history. They are challenging and can easily become very enmeshed and co-dependent, losing individual identities. 

Whether you are with a Soulmate or Twin Flame or neither, good relationships take effort, mutual respect and a desire to understand each other are foundational stones to build on. Communication, forgiveness and connection are important skills to continuously develop. All relationships have ebb and flow, there will be times when you are harmonious and other times not.

All of us hold programs, beliefs and karmic patterns from this life and past lives that we are working through in our current relationships. A Soul Realignment(tm) Relationship Reading will release these issues and more, heal trauma triggers, and reveal clarity of what your strengths & challenges are as a couple. A Relationship Reading will free both of you from the past and give you tools to build a happy, loving, strong relationship. After a relationship reading couples report fighting less, communicating more and feeling deeper in love than they ever thought possible.  



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