7 tips to survive right now.

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Stressed, anxious, depressed, feeling pressure, unfocused, unsure?

This is normal for the challenges we are facing today.

My husband and I have been self-employed for over 23years, most of which we have worked from home while raising two kids. Over the past two decades we have faced many hard challenges spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, usually all at the same time! I would like to share with you 7 things I have learned that will hopefully help you today.

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1st - No one can predict what the future will bring, the entire world has changed. Live in this moment, right now. Remind yourself that there is only today you are ok, you are safe, you are sheltered and you are fed. Be present to this moment.

2nd - Forgive. Forgive all your mistakes and all the wrongs you have done or have been done to you. They are in the past, they do not matter. Only what you do today matters. The situation is what it is, you can not go back in time to change anything. Start right where you are now.

3rd - Embrace compassion. True compassion is when we acknowledge the situation, we accept it for what it is and hold the potential for something better. Have compassion for yourself and everyone else. Every interaction you have with yourself or another person is what it is, accept it without judgement, do not make a back story or an excuse, just acknowledge, accept and allow for better. It is all going to be ok.

4th - Be aware of the influence around you. There is a lot of information broadcast to us continuously. Our social media is full of memes, posts, videos, stories and more, our tv shows are interrupted with warning messages and the news. Look for the best, look for the articles and stories that lift your heart, show the best of humanity, reveal the hope that is there. 

5th - Collaborate with others. We may not be able to visit in person but we have plenty of formats to connect with others, reach out and do so but when you do don’t just talk about the news and the dire conditions that we face. Talk about the hope, the solutions, explore ideas, thoughts, create something and exchange communication. Listen to each other and express ourselves from the heart, from the truth, the raw openness that we are all feeling. Remember we have 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. 

6th - Care. Express your caring, let the people you think about hear from you, tell someone you love them. Hug your spouse, kids and pets. Hug yourself. Be kind to yourself and each other. Care about the earth, care about our society, each other, care, acknowledge what you value.

7th - Be grateful. When we are grateful we acknowledge what we are thankful for and want to give in return. Be of service. Be grateful for your life, for everything in and around you, then seek to be of service in return. Do what you can to make things better. You don’t have to save the world, the smallest of service, the giving of you is plenty. Just be of service in your unique way.

For the first time in history human kind has a global focus all the same, everyone’s attention and thoughts are focused on this pandemic, we are all on the same side of the issue, we all want ourselves, family and friends to be safe. Remember this and proceed with compassion as each person handles the situation differently.

The entire world has changed very quickly. What was normal 4 or 6 weeks ago is gone, and it is gone for good. Our eyes are open with global awareness of how connected we all are. I have great hope that at the end of this there will be very good changes for the earth and humanity. Have faith, live in the moment and embody love for yourself, for others and for our earth. 


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