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We are in a great Soul Evolution right now!! This is a monumental moment in history unfolding right in front of our eyes and we are all playing a role, doing our part. For generations to come we will be sharing stories about this time, telling our children what life was like before, during and after this moment.

Humanity has been on a dark path for a long, long time. In my own life I have seen our world project down a split path of light and dark; a path of fame, power, abuse, corruption, and destruction of our planet in all aspects, disregard for humanity and the future generations. The path of light has been a quiet movement of love, compassion, freedom, sustainable, eco-friendly, healthcare, gratitude, caring, and nurturing of earth and all inhabitants.

I believe we are in a transition right now, a moment in history where the Path of Light will become the way of our future. Our world is in a mass transition, I encourage you to have the courage to embrace the path of light, allow yourself to dream about what could be, what should be. Deep inside all of us we know, we know the world we have been living was not going to last, that a new world was emerging. Some of us feared that change more than others, some of us embrace and pray with joy as we experience the transition. There truly is nothing to fear, we will all be rejoicing together soon.

​People all over the world, everywhere, all want the same thing - a safe and better world for our children. We want ourselves to live in love, our families to be happy and healthy, and we want freedom to be ourselves, to be accepted, cared for, and safe. We all realize inside of us that this is possible, many of us are so surrounded by the negative energy that we cannot see how, but I encourage you to hold onto that glimmer of hope that says yes it is possible. 

Fear is gripping many right now, fear clouds our vision, keeps us in constant state of stress, our bodies forever in fight or flight mode. It is time to let that go, it serves no one, especially you. 

Breathe deep, bring the air into your body, feel it flow into your lungs filling you up, feel your chest compress as you exhale. And repeat. You are being asked to breathe right now. When we breathe we move our bodies out of stress, out of fight or flight, and we move into a state of calm, centered and our bodies shift into healing, nourishing and repair. Our nervous system shifts and opens up to more information, more ability, more imagination and bigger thinking. 

When we calm our breath and bring focus to our hearts, focus on feeling, we activate super human abilities that are dormant within us. We are able to learn, heal, communicate, think, dream and create with so much more capacity and efficiency. This is your birthright, this is the joy of living on earth, the passion of being human and your true purpose for living.

As fears rise within you observe them without judgement of good or bad, just observe and wait for the feeling to reveal its message to you. Just keep breathing and focus on your heart, the message will come to you. When we are in our sacred heart space we are in harmony with ourselves and our feelings become guidance, they reveal the path to our true selves, our soul selves. We are each very uniquely designed to express universal energy in physical form and when we listen within, align our actions with our soul self, we become synchronized with the universe, we become one with the Divine Creator. 

This is the path of light, this is where humanity is going, this is the Soul Evolution we are experiencing right now, in this monumental moment in history.


Jennifer Quick is an Energy Healer, Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Teacher. She has been professionally treating clients since 2010 through her business “Shining Spirit Wellness”. Trained as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner, a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher & Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, she is an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner with over a dozen different training specialties in the Akashic Records including Soul Realignment Business practitioner and Manifesting Blueprint Practitioner. In addition she is trained as a NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Trainer, Certified Advanced Life Coach, and Add Heart Facilitator. 


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