Life is on my side...

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Well, Divine Spirit, things didn't go so well today, as I'm sure you know. So thanks for giving me the help to get through it - and thanks for making everything better...which I know is what is going to happen! I'm glad you're here, Divine Spirit. I'm really glad you're here!

I have faith that life is on my side. I have faith that I can do anything I set my mind to. I have faith that things will always be okay with me and that all things work out for my highest good in the end. I have faith that the Divine Spirit loves me completely, without condition, reservation, or limitation, and that I am never alone, or outside the embrace of the Divine Spirit. I have faith that I will be Home with the Divine Spirit when this physical life ends.

Faith has served me. It has given me strength when things did not seem to be going my way. It has brought me comfort in times of loss, optimism when I might have been tempted to feel hopeless, and enthusiasm for tomorrow even if my “today” made it look as if my future might not ever be bright again. In short, it has kept me in a positive frame of mind the majority of the time. More often than not, I look for the solution when others see problems. More often than not, I see molehills where others make mountains. 

More often than not, I look for the solution when others see problems. More often than not, I see molehills where others make mountains. More often than not I go for the gold when others are willing to settle for bronze - or no medal at all in the Olympics of life - not because I need or want to be a “winner”, but because I hold quite naturally the idea that we are all intended to be winners, that life was made for us to be happy, and that all we have to do to get to that place is understand who we are and why we are here….and, of course, that Divine Spirit and Life are on our side.

There is a direct connection between positive thinking and positive outcomes.

If that's what's best for you, Divine Spirit will help you make it happen. And if it's not what's best for you, Spirit will bring you something better - Thank you, Divine Spirit, for this or something better.

Divine Spirit is always there, and always on your side. You don't have to go anywhere or do anything to find Divine Spirit..... Spirit is right here. Divine Spirit is with you always…in all ways. Do you need help? Just ask. You'll get it.

Divine Blessings to you
Love Always, Always.........


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