Top Five Things To Look For In An Akashic Records Practitioner And Life Coach

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Like most people, you probably don’t know what Akashic Records are. And that’s okay! The Akashic Records are a tool that can be used for personal and spiritual growth. They can be used to help you understand your past, present, and future.

Simply put, the Akashic Records are the energy field that holds all the information about our soul’s journey. And as we are all connected, we can all access this knowledge.

If you’re looking for healing, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in an akashic records practitioner and life coach.

1. Lack of judgment 

Experienced healers and life coaches have seen and heard a lot; they should understand that human nature has a shadow side, a dark side and that no one is to blame or all innocent.

2. Offer guidance

A good practitioner should honor free will, knowing that the client has to change and shift their perspective and actions. A practitioner can offer a more profound understanding and a different perspective and create an accepting and safe space, but the client has to take different actions to create different circumstances.

3. Delusional, escapist, or magical promises

For a healing or coaching session to be transformational, it must connect to our physical circumstances in this world. Healing and understanding ourselves spiritually and energetically is extremely freeing and helpful, but unless your actions change, there will be no changes to your circumstances. There are also transitional phases as the world adjusts to your new actions. Just because you suddenly feel different or are taking different actions doesn’t mean the people, activities, etc., around you suddenly respond accordingly. It takes time for the world around you to learn who the ‘new you’ is; at first, they will expect you to behave exactly as you always have.

4. Support

There are many ways a practitioner can offer ongoing support. They can make themselves available through text/email or open hours, through programs that continue your growth, social media ‘live’, and videos or accessible resources.

5. Resonance

The ‘right’ practitioner for you needs to feel right too. It is normal to feel nervous, unclear, or apprehensive, but you need to ask yourself if this is because of the practitioner or because I am diving into sensitive personal issues. Your ‘right’ practitioner will make you feel safe, accepted, and encouraged even when they are challenging you to dig deeper or face your shadow side.

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